Hup United hits the Rapha Gentleman's Race

Posted on November 25, 2015 by Zac Daab

Back in 2008, our dear friend Slate Olson in Portland, OR introduced the world to the 1st annual Rapha Gentleman's Race. The concept was plainly called out in the inaugural t-shirt: Unsanctioned, Unmarshalled.

Paralleling the Rapha brand, the 1st Gentleman's Race was slightly exclusive, a bit of an odd-ball format, and had just enough perversion to make it interesting and elusive: 20-30 by-invitation only teams riding 6-up, staggered in a start order based on composite team ability; the splits and gaps created by a very complex and proprietary equation, only known by Sir Olson.

Hup United was invited to RGR #1 and had a good start, but a poor finish. We didn't exactly put the T in EAM, got lost, crashed, and didn't finish.  In 2009, we were essentially not asked back to the RGR.

Fair enough.

In 2010, we were given another invite to RGR #3.   I had a team in mind, and knew the importing of Nor Cal Hup United would do the trick, and put us back on the board.

What a fantastic day on the bike.



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